Taste of Argentina Tour

    Join Leona and a group of culinary enthusiasts as we explore Buenos Aires and Mendoza on this 9-day adventure!

    Tour and Taste Argentina 

    (Matt Basile of Fidel Gatro's)

    Tour: Taste of Argentina
    Dates: November 6-14, 2020

    As one of the largest countries in South America, Argentina offers an exciting variety of cooking styles, food preparations and ingredients. Argentine cuisine is influenced not only by cultural tastes and the native foods and spices but also reflects the influences of immigrants from France, Italy, Spain and neighboring Latin America countries.

    Exclusive Tour Package Highlights:

    • Food and City Tour of Buenos Aires
    • Tango Show
    • Customized itinerary and fully escorted daily tours with a local expert
    • Cooking class with Matt Basile
    • Authentic Argentinan dinner experience 
    • Fiesta Gaucha experience
    • Winery tour
    • and much more!

    Package includes:

    • 8-nights accommodations
    • Daily buffet breakfasts, 4 group dinners
    • Airport transfers
    • Private coach with wifi, air conditioning 
    • Domestic flights

    This trip is a fundraiser for Second Harvest for their annual Hero Program. Second Harvest is Canada's largest food rescue charity with a dual mission of environmental protection and hunger relief. They recover nutritious, unsold food from food businesses before it becomes waste and distribute to a broad network of social service organizations. 

    Depart from gateway, evening of November 5, 2020.

    Day 1: Buenos Aires - Friday, November 6, 2020

    Upon arrival, you will be transferred to the hotel.

    A sprawling metropolis that rises from the Rio de la Plata and stretches more than 745 square miles to the surrounding pampas, the famous Argentine fertile plains. Unlike most South American cities, whose architectural styles reveal a strong Spanish colonial influence, Buenos Ares looks more like Paris with wide boulevards lined with palatial mansions; flowers are sold at colourful corner kiosk, and cafes appear on every block. 

    Afternoon enjoy your half-day city tour of Buenos Aires. The tour starts from what is the second and most definitive capital of the area named Plaza de Armas in 1581 and today known as Plaza de Mayo, the historical, political and cultural center of the city. In its surrounding areas you can see Casa Rosada the actual seat of Executive Power (Presidential Palace), the Cabinet, and the first municipality of the city that dates to 1754 and still maintains its colonial characteristics, and the Metropolitan Cathedral.  From the Plaza, we start the tour going down Avenida de Mayo, one of the most interesting urban developments of the city with its variety of architectural styles, wide avenues and spacious green areas which balance out the vertiginous rhythm of the city. A good example is Avenida 9 de Julio, with its eight lanes separated by lawns with ancient trees and embellished by fountains and sculptures. From there you can see the symbol of the city, “The Obelisque.”

    (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

    The tour continues all the way to the neighbourhood of San Telmo, one of the oldest in the city, settled at the end of the XIX century by aristocratic families. This neighbourhood, in which every Sunday the antiques fair takes place around Plaza Dorrego, keeps expanding its great architectural heritage. The area is also very active at night as it is the center for most of the tango parlors, “tanguerias”, restaurants and bars.


    Going further south you arrive at the picturesque and colourful port neighbourhood of La Boca, with its famous street “Caminito” whose buildings and customs reflect the influence of European settlers that arrived at its shores during the XIX century and left their imprint not only in the multicolored houses still being used today but also in the cuisine of the typical “cantinas,” small restaurants. Followed by this comes the modern neighbourhood of Puerto Madero, with its old piers converted into offices, apartments, places for entertainment and elegant restaurants, and its view of Rio de la Plata, a residential neighbourhood of Palermo with elegant mansions surrounded by spacious parks and finally arriving at La Recoleta. The cemetery of Recoleta surprises visitors with its rich architecture and with the important social and political personalities that are buried there, among whom is Eva Peron. Next to the cemetery is the church of Our Lady of Pilar, the former convent which today is part of the Cultural Center of Recoleta, the shopping area, Buenos Aires Design, and the exposition center, Palais de Glace.


    LA VENTANA (dinner and tango show)

    La Ventana is in San Telmo, called “tango neighbourhood.” The tango is the outstanding music of Buenos Aires. It originated in the 1880 ghettos which were populated by Italian and Spanish immigrants, Africans and gauchos. From this intersection rose the “Compraditos, “whose songs, lyrics, and dances reflect “el duelo de cuchilleros,” or knife fights characteristic of the social ambience. The tango rose from a mix of Cuban and Spanish rhythms, some polka, and according to some, also a bit of African music. Its lyrics, difficult to understand and impossible to translate, are profoundly poetic. Each song has a story to tell about the city, its history and its people. Despite its humble origins in the ghettos and brothels, in the 1920’s, the tango rose to the salons of the upper classes. The tango was converted ultimately into a complete cultural expression, a joining of myths, values, traditions and aspirations. For some only representative of an epoch already passed, in reality the tango lives on in the air of the city: the tango continues today, and a good way of penetrating its spirit is to visit one of the restaurants that offers an excellent tango show, to enjoy its sensual magnetism brought to the stage by some of the best dancers, singers and musicians of Buenos Aires. “La Ventana” has an appealing atmosphere where the visitor can enjoy delicious local dishes—especially beef chorizo {sausage} accompanied by an excellent wine -- and later enjoy the passion, the fire and the charm of the tango. In the style of the great orchestras of the 1940’s, this location invites a return to luxury with the excellent music of Buenos Aires.

    Accommodation: Hotel Grand Brizo 4* - Comfort Room Breakfast & Dinner

    Day 2: Buenos Aires - Saturday, November 7, 2020

    Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before being picked up for today’s events.

    San Telmo Food Tour: 

    Three different food stops. We serve a full lunch with plenty of excellent wine. Our local foodie guide will lead you to the enchanting gems of small coffee houses and food parlors that serve some of the most delicious foods – while learning about the history and architecture of the area. This is a very traditional part of the city, with courtyards and side-streets where you are likely to come across an old café serving fabulous Malbec wine and delicious empanadas.

    Patio de los Lecheros:

    The Patio de los Lecheros was the train station to which, for years, the production of drums from the interior of the country arrived. Located in the center of the city, the immigrants of diverse origins could approach the station and sell the milk. History changed in 1961 when the sale without pasteurization process was banned and the Patio fell into disuse for decades.

    (Patio de los Lecheros, Buenos Aires)

    In 2016 it was reopened as the Gastronomic Patio of the Collectivities with cultural proposals and highlighting the traditions of countries such as Armenia, Germany, Bolivia, Brazil, Croatia, Japan, Turkey, Russia and Syria, among others. El Patio de los Lecheros currently has food trucks by renowned chefs, a film screening sector, an urban orchard, a kermesses and a mini market with organic fruits and juices.

    Evening, dinner at Las Lilas restaurant with transfers included.

    Accommodation: Hotel Grand Brizo 4* - Comfort Room Breakfast/Lunch & Dinner

    Day 3: Buenos Aires - Sunday, November 8, 2020

    Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before being picked up for today’s events.

    Fiesta Gaucha at Santa Susana Ranch:

    Depart the hotel toward the locality of Cardales, situated 90 km from the city of Buenos Aires, to spend the day in the country at Estancia Santa Susana. The estancia, owned by the Rossiter family since 1860, extends to 1200 hectares dedicated principally to agriculture, and to a lesser extent to cattle raising and horse breeding. Some years ago, the estancia began to receive visitors, adapting its buildings for them. It consists of a main house and a series of sheds that function as dining room, pub and grill.

    (Santa Susana Ranch, Buenos Aires)

    The tour begins in the pub where the visitor can enjoy meat empanadas and wine. Later, pass the dining room to taste authentic barbecue (roast beef, chicken, salads, dessert and coffee.) Following lunch, a spectacle of dance and musical folklore is presented, a tango demonstration, and afterwards an exhibition of roping and rings games where gauchos display their horsemanship abilities. For those who want to participate more actively, the estancia has horse and carriages for freely enjoying the countryside. Toward the end of the afternoon, a light meal is served that consists of ‘mate’ and sweet casseroles. After the meal, begin the return toward the city of Buenos Aires to arrive at the hotel.

    Evening, dinner at Las Lilas restaurant with transfers included

    Accommodation: Hotel Grand Brizo 4* - Comfort Room Breakfast/Lunch

    Day 4: Buenos Aires

    After breakfast at the hotel, you will be picked up for today’s events.

    Cooking Class at AZAI:

    Azaí is a loft-type space especially designed for cooking and having a good time. We have a professional, state of the art kitchen in which twelve people can comfortably cook simultaneously. You only need to bring a willingness to learn and have fun, we will provide all the rest, from cookware to aprons. To ensure that the cooking process is experienced to the fullest, classes are interactive, and the idea is for attendants to participate, but you can choose not to if you would rather relax and observe. At the end of each class we share the table to have a degustation of the dishes previously cooked accompanied by a glass of Argentine wine. 

    (Azai, Buenos Aires)

    The menu:

    Chipas (yucca root starch cheese bread)

    Empanadas de carne y humita (sweet corn and meat hand pies).

    Carbonada (typical argentine stew) 

    Panqueques de dulce de leche (Caramel flat pancakes)

    Duration: approximately 2:30 hours

    The Wine Cocktail Experience:

    Why not start your night one hour earlier and join us for the Wine Cocktail Experience? Awaken your senses as you delve into the nuances of Argentina's world-renowned wines. Next, unlock your inner mixologist and learn how to make three wine-based cocktails, before being let loose to try your hand at making your own. Of course, no wine-based fun is complete without food, so enjoy our selection of homemade tapas chosen to perfectly complement each drink.

    The Dinner Experience:

    The unique dinner party's concept is to teach you the fundamentals of what being an Argentinean is all about, whilst simply having more fun than is available anywhere else. Learn how to close your own empanada using the 'repulge' technique, to order steak your way in Spanish, to prepare your own 'mate' drink.

    Accommodation: Hotel Grand Brizo 4* - Comfort Room Breakfast/Lunch & Dinner

    Day 5: Buenos Aires - Mendoza - Tuesday, November 10, 2020

    After breakfast at the hotel, you will be picked up for your transfer to the airport.

    Board the flight from Buenos Aires to Mendoza.

    Upon arrival, you will be privately transferred to the hotel and rest of the day at leisure 

    Accommodation: Hotel Amerian Mendoza 4* - Deluxe Room Breakfast

    Day 6: Mendoza - Wednesday, November 11, 2020

    Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before today’s events.

    City Tour 
    We will start the tour visiting the Foundational Area, the oldest side of the city. The following place will be Independencia Square, situated at the main point of downtown considering the location of other nearby squares. We will continue the trip visiting the General San Martin Park, which is one of the most important artificial parks in Argentina, not only for its huge extension but also for the proximity to the city. It has 307 green hectares, 17 kilometers to go, and 821 hectares in expansion. We will finish the trip visiting the Cerro de la Gloria’s Monument, which has an amazing and panoramic view of the city. At the end of the tour, return to the hotel. 

    (Mendoza, Argentina)

    Wine Tour:
    In the province of Mendoza find the high zone of its namesake river. The farmlands extend onto the territory of the departments of Maipú and Luján. The agroecological conditions are virtually perfect, and it has been chosen by dozens of winemakers who prepare the most exquisite Argentine wines. The visitor can tour the wine vaults of the department of Maipú, such as The Rural, the Museum of Wine, López or Zuccardi vineyards, among the most outstanding. If opting for visiting the Luján de Cuyo, the vineyards visited are: Bodega Norton, Altavista, Cavas de Weinert and Luigi Bosca, to mention a few. Each winemaker possesses its own label that differentiates one from another and all show the essence and culture of Mendocino wine. 

    Accommodation: Hotel Amerian Mendoza 4* - Deluxe Room Breakfast

    Day 7: Mendoza - Thursday, November 12, 2020

    Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before today’s events.

    Lujan de Cuyo Experience / Catena Zapata World:
    Located at Lujan de Cuyo, discover and enjoy in first person the secrets of the Catena Zapata World. His wines, his cellars, his history, his passion for this fantastic drink called Wine. A day for total delight, a tour of the best Argentine wines and of the family that brought Argentine wines to the world! We will start visiting CARO Wineries (from Catena Families and Barons de Rothschild), then we will visit the emblematic pyramid of Catena Zapata, and then finish at Casa El Enemigo (home of Alejandro Vigil, winemaker Catena Zapata). Join the Catena World and become a Catena ambassador! Casa El Enemigo is inspired in the childhood of Alejandro Vigil (chief winemakers Catena Zapata) with his grandfather, in the simplicity he seeks for his present, and chooses it as the temple where sit to dreams the future.

    Accommodation: Hotel Amerian Mendoza 4* - Deluxe Room Breakfast/Lunch

    Day 8: Mendoza - Friday, November 13, 2020

    Breakfast at the hotel. 
    Day at leisure for some last-minute shopping or just give a stroll in the city. 

    Accommodation: Hotel Amerian Mendoza 4* - Deluxe Room Breakfast

    Day 9: Mendoza - Saturday, November 14, 2020

    Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before departing for the airport for your homebound journey.

    This tour includes:

    • Domestic airfare within Argentina (Buenos Aires/ Mendoza/Buenos Aires) - fare subject to change at time of booking
    • 8-nights accommodation at first class hotel with buffet breakfast
    • Private transfers and tours as per the itinerary with English speaking guide
    • Meals as per the itinerary without drinks
    • Entrance fee to sites
    • Wine tasting as per the itinerary
    • Porterage (1 piece of luggage per person)
    • Hotel and service charges

    Does not include:

    • Roundtrip international airfare and air taxes is estimated at $1140 per person, and is subject to change and availability 
    • TC's airport taxes
    • Additional excursions and meals other than those indicated
    • Telephone calls, laundry and other items of personal nature
    • Gratuities to drivers, guides and restaurant staff
    • Credit card service fee
    • Bottle of water aboard the bus
    • Travel insurance
    • Items not mentioned above